Thursday, 29 May 2014

Custard apple for Prostate & Proctitis?

It is far too early to make a call on this but it looks promising. Here are my notes so far. 

Log: Custard Apple
Key: soursop

-- Observation summary --
* small brief sharp pain in prostate area
* custard apple is known to kill prostate cancer cells in the lab

20140530 Custard Apple ***
Pretty sure custard apple clearer my Proctitis. I should have reacted to the sticky rice, the sugar in the Korean sauce and also for having sweet food after dinner. 
Dinner: Custard apple (desert, lots of it). Sticky rice. Green curry fish w green beans. Pork belly w Korean BBQ sauce (ask Dave for brand). Chinese greens w ginger. 

20140521 & 23 Prostate
Twice I had some custard apple and noticed some small sharp pains in prostate region. They were brief and transient. Rather than being bad for the prostate, I'm going to run with the theory that this is a type of "healing crisis" reaction. Reason: lab tests show custard apple kills prostate cancer. Also, prostate health was very good after the pains went away, and this is unusual. 

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