Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Beer, one more cultured food to explore ;-)

Just another step on my journey into cultured foods eh. And apparently this brand, besides being preservative free, is also unpasteurised. 

So.. hope you're not thinking that I've sold out! :-p

"..Naturally conditioned ales, such as Coopers, are not pasteurised and contain live yeast that mops up dissolved oxygen. As a result, these naturally conditioned ales age and have a far longer shelf life than lagers.."
Source: http://www.australianbeers.com/beers/interview/timcooper/cooper.htm


Well, beer is an interesting one and I am not so sure whether it has worthwhile benefits.

The good stuff:
I noticed that my prostatitis seemed to improve quite markedly for 6 to 8 hours after drinking half a bottle of beer. Oh and it improved my rhinitis a little - but that could just be the bubbles. Unfortunately I am not so keen on being in a perpetual stupor, so I didn't find that to be a desirable treatment plan. Also, there were two occasions where it actually seemed to make it worse. Weird. Is it relieving a root cause of this issue, or is it just masking it from my immune system?

Popping all those bottles started to give me a bit of a callous on my right thumb, but I don't care about that. It's neither here nor there.

Bad stuff:
Loads of fungal related issues all over the shop. Candida would rear its ugly head, proctitis very noticeably worsened, heavy laboured breathing (presumably due to mycotoxins), hot feet, some itchy skin here and there, and issues with night dehydration too. Even fungal issues on my scalp if I recall (and that can lead to dandruff).

In summary:
Not worth it. I will stick with Kombucha and Jun Scoby - these are so much healthier and in fact they actively fight fungal issues.

Video on gut flora and health (Dysbiosis)

Brian Walsh made this great video titled "18 Ways Gut Dysbiosis (Bad Bacteria) Ruins Health". I thoroughly recommend it:

-- Here are my notes from his video --
* LPS impacts brain function 
- lowers dopamine levels, this relates to willpower, motivation and depression
- lowers serotonin (5HT) : also relates to depression
- Hippocampus & Amydala: damages these. Hippocampus translates short term memory to long term memory
* Gut damage
- Leaky gut > undigested proteins in blood > immune reaction
- Villi. Decreased villi > decreased absorption of nutrition
* Thyroid 
- TSH lowered. 
- T4 > T3 conversion is decreased
- thyroid hormone receptors are affected
- all of the above lower metabolic rate
* Kidneys
- decreased excretion of wastes
* Graelin increased. This increases appetite & cravings
* Leptin decreased. Leptin signals satiety, thus LPS again incr appetite 
* Liver. Decreased ability to detoxify substances. 
* Cortisol increased due to stress
* Zinc absorption decreased. Thus less testosterone and less HCL acid in stomach
* Increased inflammation
* Increased oxidative stress
* Mitochondria. LPS damage these. This less energy, more fatigue. 
* Less Glutathione.