Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Video on gut flora and health (Dysbiosis)

Brian Walsh made this great video titled "18 Ways Gut Dysbiosis (Bad Bacteria) Ruins Health". I thoroughly recommend it:

-- Here are my notes from his video --
* LPS impacts brain function 
- lowers dopamine levels, this relates to willpower, motivation and depression
- lowers serotonin (5HT) : also relates to depression
- Hippocampus & Amydala: damages these. Hippocampus translates short term memory to long term memory
* Gut damage
- Leaky gut > undigested proteins in blood > immune reaction
- Villi. Decreased villi > decreased absorption of nutrition
* Thyroid 
- TSH lowered. 
- T4 > T3 conversion is decreased
- thyroid hormone receptors are affected
- all of the above lower metabolic rate
* Kidneys
- decreased excretion of wastes
* Graelin increased. This increases appetite & cravings
* Leptin decreased. Leptin signals satiety, thus LPS again incr appetite 
* Liver. Decreased ability to detoxify substances. 
* Cortisol increased due to stress
* Zinc absorption decreased. Thus less testosterone and less HCL acid in stomach
* Increased inflammation
* Increased oxidative stress
* Mitochondria. LPS damage these. This less energy, more fatigue. 
* Less Glutathione. 

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