Thursday, 10 July 2014

Did Natto bring my immune disorder into remission?

This week I stopped eating Natto to see if my eczema would clear, and unexpectedly my sensitivity to starch returned ! I had a full blown reaction after eating some hummus. Last night I started eating the Natto again and lo and behold my Ankylosing Spondylitis is calming down again. It is now about a tenth of what it was seven hours ago, normally it would take about 36 hours more for it to reduce this much.

So it looks like Natto is helping :D


  1. Hi Zark. I am in remission using LDN and now LSD. I am experimenting with fermented foods. Did you say you got your Natto from Kingsford? If so where? I would really like to try it.
    Great blog by the way, very informative.

  2. Hi Keith,
    My neighbours have been making their own Natto. It is a bit tricky - the difficult part is that it needs to be kept at just the right temperature. They brought over a special box that looks a bit like a fancy rice cooker, and it is able to control the temperate very accurately. You can buy Natto culture (natto-moto) online via eBay, and dried soy beans are easy enough to come by at asian grocers.

    I can give you some of mine to try if you like. I live in Ryde and work in the city, but sometimes visit Kingsford. You can email me via zarkers [AT] gmail