Friday, 17 October 2014

Iodine Tests - Konnyaku Noodle - SAFE!

Today I tested out some Konnyaku noodles. As you can see, very little reaction. About the same amount as, say, a cucumber. This brand probably isn't the best quality as there were some small specks of starch. Not enough starch to be a problem for most people following the NSD. Safer than almonds with skin on (yes the skins have a little starch)

Many of these products coming from China are terribly confused about the contents of their own products. Below we have another packet of Konnyaku that is labelled incorrectly as "Pice Vermicelli". No pice in this, nor is there any rice either. 
Above is the front, and below is the back of the same package. Yes indeed, this is Konnyaku noodle. There is no rice at all. I have seen other products incorrectly labelled as containing yam. A quick iodine test tells the truth. 

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