Monday, 25 July 2016

Ayurveda and Ankylosing Spondylitis

Arindam posted an interesting success story on recently:
So, I came back to India and consulted an Ayurvedic Doctor. He gave me a diet chart - surprisingly which is so similar to LSD!! The doc told me that Ayurveda is following this diet for all sort of arthritis , for ages.  
I then tried to analyze my situation, in my family (both father and mother side) no one has active AS, though I am sure some one is carrying HLA B27, but still they are normal. My childhood food habit was typical east Indian, lots of fish, veggies and parboiled rice and my AS got aggravated when I was 38yrs(2 yrs back). SO I decided to give Ayurvedic Diet a shot - 
Allowed to Eat/drink - Rice, veggies(which grows above the ground), fish, lean meat (preferably only fish). Tea and plenty of water(but no chilled / cold drinks).Spices of all sort(indian dishes are generally very spicy!). Eat boiled bitter melon/gourd or anything bitter (about 2 small one) every day. I take bitter gourd or neem leaves every day.
NOT allowed to eat - no wheat product, flour , potato and yogurt and avoid milk.No sugar,no sweets, but honey in small amount. Honey should never he heated while consuming . No alcohol.No fruits but citrus fruit can be taken. 
Time to eat - from morning 10am till 6pm, meaning eat after 10am and before 6pm. Try to have 3 meals in a day. Doctor told me , NO EATING after the sun set.
Exercise - Gentle yoga (if you can), walk in the sun shine for about 15mins every day , but it should be always between 6am - 8am. 
Supplement : Liv 52 every morning(to protect Liver), Triphala (an Ayurvedic preparation to help in digestion) capsule twice a day. 
I came back to India on 4th June and I was on wheel chair then, today I can walk , I can climb stairs till 4th floor, I have stopped taking any pain meds, my ESR has come down from 155 to 40 and I can sit for longer without any pain , infact I can feel the difference. My body strength is coming back, I can stand almost straight now and most importantly - I have started working again as a freelancer since last 7days.

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  1. Has this regime continued to work? I noticed that it's a bit different from the NSD