Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Losing that spark for life.. And what it is like to have an immune disorder

Sent this to fernpixel, but want to share it here too: (with a little modification)

It is easy to lose your passion for life when you are sick. I decided to make cooking into a hobby, since eating out all too often makes me sick & weak, and good homemade food makes me happier and stronger. Still working on that "hobby" part, I still only want to cook for others.. and when I'm on my own I just can't be bothered :-/ Lazy? Hell yeah, but I have a nice & convenient excuse.

This is how I explain what it is like to have an immune disorder, and how it impacts on my personality:

Imagine how "blah" you feel when you have a flu. That feeling is actually caused by your immune system working over time, as is the foggy headed brain, the lack of interest in doing stuff, loss of your "spark", etc. Everything just feels kinda "gray" and "blah". Well, that's how I fell most of the time.. It used to be worse though. With lots of careful diet restriction, home cooked stews and exercise.. these are giving me more days where the sun can shine through again. 

Ok, having an excuse is one thing.. but taking charge of my life and not making excuses, that is something else. That ought to be my new years resolution. Hmmm.. In fact I think I will make that my new years resolution.

So then, if you feeling sorry for yourself one day, just remember this guy's message:

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