Friday, 15 August 2014

Prescript Assist for itchy bum (Proctitis)

I tried taking 4 x Prescript Assist probiotics the other night and Proctitis (itchy bum) was definitely greatly relieved. I would say an improvement of 90% or more, so it is quite a marked difference. I had tried just taking one or two before but that doesn't do anything noticeable for me. Looks like I need 3 or 4 of the pills at a time in order to get a therapeutic effect. 

There is a small chance it could also have possibly been all the chilli and fried onions I ate. This will gradually become clear with time. 

Prescript Assist is a unique brand of high quality probiotic. I was recommended this brand by Baruch who had also found that it helped with this problem. So credit goes to him :-D What's interesting about this brand is the wide selection of probiotic flora, beneficial flora that you rarely see in other probiotics, and also the high level of research and quality control from the manufacturer. If your in a medical or health professional then I definitely recommend looking into the company. 

Oh, and I note that this probiotic also contains B. Subtilis which is also found in Natto. And Natto is what I attribute my recent immune disorder remission to - I would prefer that you stick with Natto if you were looking for Ankylosing Spondylitis remission (AS). I'm just not sure if you will get enough of the B. Subtilis from this probiotic in order to help with AS. 

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