Monday, 18 August 2014

Natto - where to find it

Firstly, Why Natto?
Well if you look back through my old posts here and on you will see that Natto brought my Ankylosing Spondylitis into remission. A truly amazing feat for such a humble food. Natto is a Japanese dish made by fermenting soy beans with B. Subtilis, and it is this microbe that has my interest.

A Japanese Person
The first person to ask would be any Japanese friends or colleagues that you may know. They should be clued in on where to get Natto in your area.

Asian Grocery Stores
I asked a Japanese friend if they knew where to buy Natto in Sydney and here is their response:
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Everywhere! You will find it in the frozen section on asian grocery stores, sold in bundles of stacked little white styrofoam packages. I defrost them, smother it in heaps of soy sauce and eat over hot rice, wrapped in lots of seaweed. Sadly, I'm the only one who appreciates natto in our house so I don't get to eat it as much. 
If you are going through the city, there is a Japanese grocery store called Maruyu directly behind the cinemas along Kent St, closer to the Liverpool St end. You would also find them in Chinatown, and if you move to Kogarah [..]- there is a shop opposite St George Hospital Emergency. [..] 

I was able to buy Natto starter culture (natto-moto / B. Subtilis) for roughly ten or fifteen dollars via eBay. Or if you know anyone who is Japanese ask them. In my case it was my Korean neighbours who gave it to me. They are such a wonderful couple. 

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