Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dehydration at Night

This problem, in my case, is almost certainly caused by a fungal infection. This became evident when taking Lufenuron stopped this problem for the duration of treatment. I have had this problem for so many years! It is a very difficult microbe to get rid of, probably living in some hard to reach recess of my body ... maybe in the gut.

-- Helps ease symptoms: --

  • Prescript Assist (very effective). Thanks Baruch for putting me onto this! There are sure to be other probiotics that help, but so far this is the only one I know of for certain.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (very effective). Use 2tbsp mixed with water. I need to rinse my mouth with mouthwash before hand though as the acidity hurts my teeth even when diluted. Aldi brand mouth wash works fine.
  • Fruit fast (effective)
  • Turmeric? (maybe?)- need to take quite a lot (6-8 pills). I make my own pills using the raw spice.
  • Water flush (moderately effective). Drink 2 or 3 cups of water on an empty tummy.
  • Massaman curry (somewhat effective).. Worked well for 3-4wks, only worked whilst it had a laxative effect.
  • ++ Rest. Lots of sleep and rest. Don't watch late TV or read late at night. Avoid stressing (esp at work). Light physical exercise but not to exhaustion.
  • Lufenuron (seemed effective) - an antifungal
  • Laxative. Try Epsom salts
  • 1tbs cumin +3xStrength ginger tea
  • raw juice - pineapple apple ginger beetroot (celery carrot)
  • Polygodial ? (Mountain Pepper) - I suspect this was helping due to antifungal properties. I use half tsp or more followed by water. Problem is this remedy only works in the short term (maybe 3 weeks or so).

-- Worsens symptoms: --

  • Tired / Going to sleep too late (significant problem). Weakens immune system / liver?
  • High Glycemic Index Foods - Jasmine rice for example
  • Cheese
  • Yeast products 
  • Vinegar (except  for ACV)
  • Preservatives. 220 & maybe Benzoates too. Herx reaction?
  • Alcohol /preservative 220/yeast (champagne & sweet wines are high in preservatives). worse in 30-60min


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