Friday, 5 September 2014

Remission revisitted -:- Natto, or is it?

Hi guys,

Here to share something important about my Ankylosing Spondylitis remission.

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I can still eat starch without issues. There have been a few moments where a teeny bit of inflammation crept in - peanuts are one thing that come to mind here. But each time the very modest amount of inflammation would be gone by the morning.

My neighbours are very kind, and keep me well supplied with Natto.

-- Is it B. Subtilis? Or maybe something else? --
My neighbour has an unusual way of making her Natto - she doesn't add any culture at all. Bacteria will be getting into the soybeans from her skin, the environment, and possibly her breath. So there is no guarantee that this is in fact Bacillus Subtilis that is keeping my condition at bay, it could be some other flora from her or from the environment..  B. Subtilis is a super tough critter though, and should be quite ubiquitous in the environment (it is found in soil) so I still think it is highly likely to be the beneficial species.

With all that in mind, I made sure to freeze samples of her Natto - just in case.

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