Friday, 5 September 2014

Mycotoxins :: The Fungal Connection

I was discussing this with another friend and thought I should share it here:

So many of my little health problems are turning out to be fungal related (and that includes Candida). From my notes the following improved whilst taking an anti-fungal :
 Prostatitis, Proctitis, night dehydration, sinusitis, brain fog, coordination, hand writing, energy levels / stamina, and jock itch

The majority of these problems will be due to mycotoxins - which are incredibly potent poisons. Alkaline salts (calcium carbonate, baking soda) disable 90-94% of these toxins when added to corn [ ]. 

One very simple way to disable these toxins is to drink bicarb - half a tsp of baking soda mixed in a cup of water. Must be drunk on an empty tummy when there is no hunger otherwise it will react to what is in your stomach and become a useless salt. A good time to drink it is in the middle of the night or first thing in the mining. 

Taking Lufenuron has been a highly informative exercise.. It was ok as a short term solution to fungal issues but I don't want to use it long term. Baruch recommended a probiotic called Prescript Assist for my Proctitis and that is working nicely - but I need to take quite a lot and it is expensive. Also it appears to be helping my night dehydration too. Good flora killing off & crowding out the fungus. Again it all comes back to body flora. 

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