Monday, 15 December 2014

Fat & Carbs = Pain

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-- starch + fat --
With starch the fat has to be well integrated with the fat in order for problems to arise. Just eating the two in the same meal is not enough. 
Examples: donuts, battered fish, KFC, and many snack foods. 
***** Iritis. <4 hours
**** tense muscles
**** AS. Worse than normal starch!

-- sucrose + fat --
Examples: chocolate, hot chocolate, protein drinks
Similar reaction to starch+fat except AS is effected a bit less. 
***** Iritis
***** Prostatitis
**** Proctitis 

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-- sucrose & fat --
I should elaborate a bit - combining sugar and fat also causes the following issues in me: iritis, enthesitis, prostatitis, proctitis, brain fog, fatigue, and reduced coordination.

Honey and fructose are much less of a problem for me when cooked or eaten with fat. I have no great explanation, it is just an observation that has been perfectly reliable for me.

-- starch & fat --
Also starch and fat is much worse than normal starch, but in this case the fat has to be integrated with the starch for it to become an issue, just eating them in the same meal is not enough - for example: deep frying starch.. it still aggravates my AS terribly.

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