Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Oil and starch = pain

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20141210 Oil and starch = pain

Fried starches cause AS to start up again! These are the worst nemesis for me of all starches. 

Yesterday evening: ate some instant noodles - said to be the best instant noodles of all by "ramen-master", so I thought I should try them. About 2 hours later I started to notice some mild stiffness (my starch reactions have always been very quick), and the stiffness gradually worsened overnight. 

Now, instant noodles are almost always deep fried in oil, presumably as a way of preserving them or improving texture and flavour. And even before starting the NSD many years ago  I had noticed that deep fried starches, such as battered chicken or donuts, were a serious problem for inflammation, including iritis. 

The plan: I'm going to start preparing some home made Natto now. I will eat mostly fruit / NSD, except that I will also eat cultured foods during the healing period, eg. Natto, Jun Scoby, and perhaps Kefir or unpasteurised sauerkraut if I can find it (the mass produced sauerkraut is dead). 

UPDATE - posted on kickas.org

== Here is the timeline ==
Thought I should add more about what happened with the noodles, and give a better timeline (I am on aussie time btw)

Tuesday - around 4pm ate these rubbish instant noodles. Felt yuck and almost nauseous. Inflammation starts up after about 2 hours.

Wednesday - ate lots of fruit, drank green tea with honey, ate natto, and some Jun Scoby. This seems to have helped start the detox, as in the afternoon all this disgusting thick oil came out of the pores on my face. Todays food is very low in fat, so I am certain the oil is from Tuesdays noodles. This oil is not normal at all.. presumably that gunk was clogging up my liver.

Which brings up an important reminder for me: there are multiple instances in the past when my liver had difficulty processing something toxic, eg. a preservative, and that added burden would increase inflammation levels. Yes, the gut is heavily involved, but so is the liver.

Thursday - wake up feeling better despite having eaten starch at dinner, along with Natto and 700mg B3.

What the hell kind of oil is this? It says palm oil on the noodle ingredients, but there is something wrong with it, I reckon it must be hydrogenated. No more instant noodles for me, I am giving the rest away to others who have a stronger digestive system / liver.

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