Wednesday, 26 February 2014

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  1. Can u post what exactly a typical daily diet (sample day of ur breakfast lunch dinner snacks) are like for u? I'm finding a lot of conflicting info on nsd and would love to see how u implement it.

    I also deal with Candida and other pathogens, so fruit is out. As like most people with dysbiosis, I cant tolerate fodmaps and foods with histamine (ie, avocados and fermented food... Even coconut can be an issue). Raw veggies are often hard to digest.

    What veggies do u always find safe and which are no? Again veggies are really tough to figure out as there is a lot of conflicting info... Squash? Zucc? Cabbage? Green beans? Seaweed? Cauli, broc? Carrots? Brussel sprouts? Apples? ? How does cooking affect the veg?

    Does resistant starch help or hurt?

    Thanks for the help
    I've had klebsiella diagnosed at the invest level in 2010...ive yet to beat it, and the other dysbioses, down

    1. Hi Bee, I finally added a post on the No Starch Diet and what I can eat :

  2. Wow Bee, thank you for the great feedback!! I hope to get back to you soon with some new updates to address your questions :) But to start with my diet is covered on a different website here: .. and yes it is high time I posted those details on this blog.

    >> I also deal with Candida and other pathogens, so fruit is out

    Oh I think I could almost fill a whole blog with my trials with Candida / yeast / fungal infections. Not only the usual foot / jock itch but also scalp, sinusitis, and possibly proctitis. Brain fog and fatigue too naturally.

    Scalp : Initially had to use anti fungal shampoos to keep in control but it wasn't a cure! And the pathogen just responded by putting on tougher and tougher armour. Cutting out starches cured this permanently.

    Sinusitis : I didn't realise this was fungal related until it responded very well to treatment with Lufenuron (and Former Foodie on kickas brought attention to this too)

  3. ---=- On candida and fruit -=--
    This is complicated, but what I have noticed is that if I start eating fruit first thing in the morning then it is fine. However after eating any food that contains fat.. from that point on any sweet foods will be likely to bring on Candida.

    The other complication is that many fresh fruits and vegetables contain interesting anti-fungal compounds (many that we are yet to fully appreciate, to be sure). In the case of fruit - Ellagic Acid is an interesting compound found in raspberries, many other berries, pomegranate, among others. This compound works in the same way as Lufenuron, it inhibits the production of the chitin armour that yeasts apparently hide and protect themselves with. Without it they die.